Writing an Artist Statement


I have been painting more and thought I needed to clearly outline what it is I’m doing and why – not just for others, but for me, too. Writing an artist statement was the perfect solution. I needed to ask myself a lot of questions about what I’m expressing and where that motivation comes from. I had to really look at my artwork and the process I go through in creating it. Here is my artist statement in it’s final form – for now.

As an artist, I work hard to create paintings that depict the beauty in this world. I use firm, black line and spontaneous, spilling color to capture the beauty of my subjects and communicate their character and personality. I create art to cope with chronic pain and fight the anxious feelings and dark places that my mind sometimes goes into. I try to convey feelings of happiness, joy, hope, and peace in my paintings – ideas that I strive for in my own life. My art is a tranquil place to me. It is calming and optimistic. I am inspired by the wondrous plants and animals of this planet. I draw inspiration from other artists and old illustrations. I am attracted to images that drive a purpose, a vision. I use pen and colored inks to complete my paintings and experiment with transparency and intensity. I like the unpredictable nature of ink and find it to be a perfect match for the definite and certain beings of this world that I have come to find serenity in. As I devote my own artistic voice to earth’s creatures, I continue to work hard to express my own joy.


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